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Wakefy also appears listed on Product Hunt [5/5 ⭐], MacUpdate [5/5 ⭐], Softpedia [4/5 ⭐], the Electron Apps collecion, BetaPage and 01net [5/5 ⭐], among others.

Product description

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Wakefy is a free macOS app that turns your Mac into a Spotify alarm clock, forcing you to actually stand up and walk to turn off your alarm. We all wake up in different moods, yet we all use the same hideous alarm clock ringtones: Wakefy slowly fades in your favorite Spotify morning playlist so you can actually set up the mood you want to wake up in. https://wakefy.com

Wakefy is available as a free app for devices running macOS 10.12 or later.

Talking points

If I were to show Wakefy in a event or in a video, I would launch it, select a Spotify playlist, set an alarm (making sure it’s active for the current day of the week), then put the Mac to sleep and watch as it automatically turns on and starts playing your tunes.

As for talking points, I would stress:

  • The fact that there is no need to keep your Mac on all night long, as other apps require. You can put your Mac to sleep or completely turn it off. Wakefy can power on a Mac from a completely powered off state as long as it’s connected to power and automatic login is enabled, meaning password protected login is disabled (this is a security feature: Macs won’t allow any app to run unless a user is logged in)
  • The fact that it’s linked with the Spotify API. Any playlist, album or song from Spotify can be selected as the alarm ringtone, meaning anyone can set the tunes they want to wake up to, and therefore the mood they want to wake up in. As an example, I always use the playlist “Brekkie Time”, a great acoustic chill-out playlist specifically curated for breakfast time; whereas some other users prefer more energising, rock/electronic playlists.
  • The fact that it’s your Mac and not your smartphone forces you to actually stand up and walk to turn off the alarm. Most of us usually sleep near our smartphones and our Mac is not typically within arm’s reach.
  • The fact that it’s your Mac also can save from situations where you ran out of battery on your phone or even left it at home (when travelling, for example). It’s also pretty nice when you fall asleep watching Netflix.
  • The fact that you can set a playlist: you can wake up each day with a different song, preventing you from getting used (and ignoring) a single alarm ringtone. (It prevents you from hating a single alarm sound, too!)
  • The app simplicity and beautiful design. It’s a tiny, unobtrusive tool that lives in your menu bar and only pops up when you need it. Set it once, forget about it.
  • The fact that it’s completely free. No other free app lets you turn your Mac into an alarm clock, let alone to select Spotify music as the alarm ringtone. This makes Wakefy specially useful for students.
  • The fact that the app is fully designed and developed by one single indie developer who truly cares about the problem Wakefy addresses.

The personal story behind Wakefy is also powerful, as I (the founder) have a sleep disorder called DSPS that makes me a heavy sleeper in the morning and I was really struggling to wake up on time most days. I needed a way to force myself to get up while getting good morning vibes so I created Wakefy.

There is further information about the Wakefy usage on the FAQ.

Founder bio

Javi Ramirez (@rameerez) is a 24yo indie serial maker from Madrid, Spain.

He is a Computer Science + Business Administration graduate. He has studied at Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid), University of Zürich (Switzerland) and Harvard Extension School (Boston).

He has worked as a freelancer in a number of projects involving Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing and app development for web and smartphones – for clients ranging from small and medium business to bigger companies and universities.

He has been a cofounder of several international award-winning startups. Further information about him can be found in his Linkedin profile.

He’s also been a TEDx speaker. Here you can find all his press appearances.

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